Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!    I wanted to take an opportunity to review 2017 and be thankful for all the blessings we received this year.    Let me provide some description of my good cheer by listing out the blessing I have gotten in 2017.

Ezekiel Ennis

My youngest son was gifted to me this year in February.   Very thankful to have a healthy and growing baby boy.   Nothing was going to top that.   Anyone would be thankful for this guy!  Now just sleep through the night, huh? 😉


It really works (and no that’s not Zeke).   I was fortunate to be involved with a revolutionary project in 2017.  It was around service assurance proving the value of SDN/NFV in telecom managed services.   We are all so proud of the pioneering work and working with the people that made is possible.   I hope to share more lessons learned in 2018.

Machine Learning

Elastic stack and machine learning has been a large focus on my Q4 this year.   The value proposition is stunning.  Merging service assurance with business intelligence and machine learning has been an eye-opener.   I hope to provide more perspective in the blog, but very thankful to have spent so much time here recently.

5G Mobility

Learning 5G mobility and vision.   The mobility world is changing rapidly. The services offered are about to begin an exponential leap.   Fixed wireless is only HFC access without the coax, what a realization.   A 10-100x increase in antennas and backhaul.   Breaking eNodeBs into virtualized network functions.   Really exciting stuff.   I hope to share more as new projects are become a reality.

IoT Digital Services

IoT is all about perspective.   Here is a link around IoT Service Assurance.   Very thankful to get a deeper understanding of the services and pain points.  The customers and partners I work with are outstanding.   I look forward to working in the new year realizing our co-developed vision.


Thanks again for all the customers, partners, and colleagues who made 2017 a great year.   Now on to 2018, we good boys and girls are getting 5G under their trees and gift cards for RPA.

Shawn Ennis

About the Author

Serial entrepreneur and operations subject matter expert who likes to help customers and partners achieve solutions that solve critical problems.   Experience in traditional telecom, ITIL enterprise, global manage service providers, and datacenter hosting providers.   Expertise in optical DWDM, MPLS networks, MEF Ethernet, COTS applications, custom applications, SDDC virtualized, and SDN/NFV virtualized infrastructure.  Based out of Dallas, Texas US area and currently working for one of his founded companies – Monolith Software.

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