Intelligent Approach to Smart Cities

Smarter Smart Cities

At the Smart City Dublin forum, the subject was how municipalities can save money and better enable citizens.   These opportunities are not driven by cities, but by service providers offering new services.    Cities have assets, like right-of-ways.    They have advancing needs, like tourism empowering free wifi.  Governments have challenges, like reducing budgets and stodgy policies.  While other providers may shy away, many see these challenges as possible revenue.

Simple Concept

There are plenty of opportunities for engagement. Right aways (lamp posts) are available. Engaging vendors to install a wifi network which generate advertising revenue.   Smart cities can share in the ad-based profits. The service also provides new tourist engaging services to grow the local community.   This enables a portal to show off the local digital economy.   Multi-tenant access enables other services. Shared utilities like garbage and power can alert citizens in real-time. Digital services can enrich the peoples knowledge and grow the cities automation potential.   The bottomline is reduction of cost and growth of engagement.

Where does service assurance come in?

The digital world is a unifying force.    Providing a single pane of glass is common sense, but unfortunately not common place.   Once deployed, the quality of city’s services define their brand.   The analog and digital services will need assurance.  Proactive engagement is no longer a nice-to-have, its expected.   A proactive portal, empowered by service assurance, enables the smart city revolution.
Service providers, government, and equipment manufactures align with new services (ie Dublin).   The question is how will service providers assure the quality and engage the populace in real-time?

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