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Who am I?

Welcome to my new blog.

As the founder of multiple service assurance companies, I will be posting relevant information about service assurance as well as shared insight into the world of operations, product management, and general service provider knowledge.

I have over 20 years of experience in the technology arena and have spent my career utilizing management software to run Network Operations Centers as well as implementing management software solutions for a significant number of the largest service providers and enterprise companies in the United States. I’ve also developed management software solutions to meet the needs of client organizations.

My past…

After graduating from Auburn University with a Computer Engineering / Software Engineering degree, I went to work for a service provider in Atlanta called ITC Deltacom.  There is where I was responsible for their NOC Operations as a Technical Specialist. I spent a significant portion of this time mastering the world of SONET and DWDM.  I also was involved in creating an advanced enterprise management solutions. Then I was recruited to work for one of the leading consulting companies in the United States – Windward Consulting Group – where I was responsible for delivering solutions from Micromuse, InfoVista, Riversoft, Smarts, Nortel, as well as custom solutions.   Customers included the industry’s leading and emerging service providers and enterprise accounts.

In 2003, I left Windward to found Monolith Technology Services (MTS) – a consulting services company. In 2005, I founded Monolith Software which delivers cost effective and highly scalable management solutions to organizations.   The goal of my adventures was in seeking to better manage their technology infrastructures through unified service assurance.

My future…

I have a great deal of experience in the software and services industry.   My background includes time in development, support, delivery, and general operations theory, and practice.   I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience, and philosophy  while learning from others in the industry.

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