About the Author

Welcome to my personal blog site.  I use this site to share my personal opinions and perspectives on business, software, and industries I play in.   All opinions are my own and are intended to start the conversation not finish it.    I live through learning and passionate about technology.   My hope is you enjoy my ride…

Let’s start with background information: Who is Shawn Ennis?

Well I am mostly a boring middle age married father of two that has the privilege to live and work in a world of constant innovation and business growth.    I reside just outside of the the DFW area in Texas, USA.   My hobbies include business, technology, entertainment, and politics.   Here is some of my resume to know me better…

I have over 20 years of experience in the technology arena and have spent the majority my career utilizing software to enable operations in large enterprises and service providers worldwide.   Consulting and software development has always been at the core my experiences with a business/value focus my clients have always enjoyed.

I graduated from Auburn University (in Alabama USA) with a Computer Engineering / Software Engineering degree, I went to work for a service provider in Atlanta called ITC Deltacom where I was responsible for their NOC Operations as a Technical Specialist. I spent a significant portion of this time mastering the world of SONET and DWDM while creating an advanced enterprise management solution. I was then recruited to work for one of the leading consulting companies in the United States – Windward Consulting Group – where I was responsible for delivering solutions from Micromuse, InfoVista, Riversoft, Smarts, Nortel Preside/CSA, as well as custom built solutions (including Open Source Software – OSS)  to the industry’s leading and emerging service providers and enterprise accounts.

In 2003, I left Windward to found Monolith Technology Services (MTS) – a consulting services company. In 2005, I founded Monolith Software which delivers cost effective and highly scalable management solutions to organizations seeking to better manage their technology infrastructures through unified service assurance.  That company got capital investments and bought a handful of other companies to become Federos.  That company got sold in 2021 to Oracle which ended my involvement. 

I toyed around with several start-ups centering around AI and retail gaming markets (shout out to my Daring Bards partners).  But I decided to join a little known service integrator called PK Global.   They liked my innovation background and gave me the tasks of creating a business unit focused with delivering new experiences in emergent technology domains.   After researching the marketplace, we decided to focus on IoT and edge computing.   We built a team and delivered excellent client outcomes well enough to get more investment and growth the focus to in include 5G, blockchain, and web experiences.   My days are mostly spent educating internal and external stakeholders on business opportunities relating to emergent technologies.   

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I have a great deal of experience in development, support, delivery, and general operations theory, and practice — but I haven’t seen it all yet! I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience, and philosophy  while learning from others in the industry.

Below is my twitter feed if you want to message me, I am always looking for new collaborators…