“Do More With Less” – The Perfect Mantra for Generative AI

In my career of many technologies and industries, the most common thread was my buyer looking to “do more with less”. Greenfield projects are always more ambitious then the budget.  The brownfield projects had budgets shrinking.  The question was always how do we push a better ROI for the business?  In the past, there never was a silver bullet.  Enter Chat-GPT.  Recently the IT world has been shaken to it foundations with the addition of Generative AI.  At its core, its reasoning engine, built with a common internet knowledge.  At the speed of a clock cycle and the cost of $0.002 a task – it can do anything.  Or at least attempt it…

The drawbacks are there.  This is nascent, over hyped technology. Its accuracy is lower than machine learning and deep learning methods.  It hallucinates, or just makes up results.  The data privacy and security is also very concerning. But the opportunity is tempting to using this technology for any and all use cases. While I see plenty of danger areas, I like to think to the positives. Whats missing is clear – a harness.  You cannot expect the silver bullet, but you can lower the bar of success.  That is what Generative AI provides – “Do More With Less”.  Controlling the inputs and outcomes can be helped with simple business rules.  Off-the-shelf ML models can greatly impact the reliability of GenAI outcomes.  This is the definition of Digital Engineering.  We create predictable technology-based outcomes with unpredictable technology.

My advice to clients?  What ideas did you have to scuttle because they were too ambitious for the business dollar? What transformation project has been put on hold waiting for “a better way”. No is the time to make the impossible thing hard or the hard thing easy.  With Generative AI, the realm of possibilities have gotten larger. Reach out, I would love to hear about your “impossibilities”.

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